easyEws v1.0.7 is now released

This has been slow coming, but I have just released v1.0.7 of easyEws. As per usual, it is on NPM and on GitHub. You can get the latest with the command:

npm update easyews

Or, you can install it into your solution with the command:

npm install easyews

In this version the JSDOC information is now full incorporated so you get great inline help with each command. I enhanced the library so that it works better with inline help and so I changed how the class is setup and exposed. I have updated the README.md on GitHub, but I still am working on examples and such, that will be done later. And I added new functionality, a moveItem command which can be used to move any item from one folder to another. This was a added due to feedback I received on LinkedIn.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions.


3 thoughts on “easyEws v1.0.7 is now released

  1. First all, thank you for your wonderful job with easyEws.
    As you kindly suggested reaching you with any questions about easyEws I want to take advantage of your suggestion.
    When I use the function “easyEws.updateEwsHeader” I’ve got an error in the function asyncEws after makeEwsRequestAsync
    Code 9020
    Message “The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.”

    BTW, why don’t you use “ChangeKey” as suggested in

    I’ve tried it however it doesn’t work either.

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