Deploying OnSend Outlook Add-ins?

If you have been developing OfficeJS add-ins for Outlook Online (or Exchange 2016 Outlook Web Access) you might not know that you now have the ability to create OnSend add-ins. That is add-ins that can trap the send of an email, test for conditions (such as getBodyAsync() or getSubjectAsync() to look for content) and if they fail, prevent the message from being sent. I recently blogged about it here:

The Most Anticipated OfficeJS Feature is Here

First thing to note about these add-ins is that they cannot be created for or uploaded into the store. The second thing to note is that they MUST be configured first in order to run. The third thing to note is that if you are building an on-prem Exchange based solution, you have to have Exchange 2016 CU6 installed and a bit more. The full details of how to configure the environments (either Office Online or On-prem) are detailed here:

On send feature for Outlook add-ins

If you look this over, there is quite a lot to do. How would you like one single PowerShell command to type? Maybe something like this:

[code type=”powershell”]



wlEmoticon-hotsmile.png Well, I just published the first version of this script on GitHub:

All the details you need to know about it are there in the README.MD. However, if you have any questions or issues, please let me know.


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