My Portfolio of Projects

Over the years I have created a number of solutions and published them. Here is a link to each with a small description:

  1. Outlook Contact Category Correction Tool – The Outlook Contact Category Correction Tool is designed to correct a condition in which the categories from your Outlook
    Contacts folder are removed.
  2. Outlook Calendar Cleaner – If you port your email from a Lotus Notes server to Exchange Server or to Office 365, your Mac Outlook calendar items may be missing.
  3. Loading an Excel UDF from VSTO – This project demonstrates how to load an Excel COM Add-in/Class with exposed UDF functions from a VSTO Project.
  4. Excel File Cleaner – This tool is designed to reduce the size and speed up Excel 2007 and 2010 workbooks.
  5. Embedded Excel OLE Orphan Preventer – This add-in is designed to correct the scenario where orphaned embedded Excel workbooks are left open even after the parent application or document has closed.
  6. Complete Shared Add-in C# Template – This is a complete C# COM Automation Shared Add-in that supports Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  7. easyEWS – This library makes performing EWS operations from Outlook Mail Web Add-ins via JavaScript much easier.
  8. OfficeJS.dialogs – This library provides additional common dialog types to Office Web Add-ins (OfficeJS).
  9. OutlookCalendarExport – The Outlook Export Calendar to Word Add-in.
  10. OutlookLauncherDemo – Demonstrates how to create a launcher page for different versions, builds and configurations of your Office.js add-in.

Please see all my projects on my GitHub: