Procure the Board Button in Trello

I was recently posting an issue in the Developer Forum for Trello and found a post I could answer fairly quickly since I knew the answer already. Thought I would share it here on my blog as well.

The question was along the lines of:

How do I show my board button only to members of the board who have paid for it? Or how do I block guests from getting the board button?

Here is the code:

/// <reference path="trello.d.js" />
/** @type {TrelloPowerUp} */
const tpu = window.TrelloPowerUp;
* Returns the board button
* @param {TrelloObject} t
* @returns {TrelloBoardButtonOption[]}
async (t) => {
/** @type {TrelloMemberObject} */
const member = await t.member("id");
/** @type {TrelloBoard} */
const board = await t.board("memberships");
/** @type {TrelloMembership} */
const membership = board.memberships.find(o=>o.idMember ===;
if(!membership || membership.memberType === "observer") {
message: "Sorry you are only a guest on this board!",
duration: 1,
return []; // no board button for you
/** @type {TrelloBoardButtonOption} */
const button = {
text: "hello",
icon: ``, // for card front badges only
condition: "always",
callback: (tt) => {
message: "You are all paid up!",
duration: 1,
// return the button
return [button];
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Happy coding!

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