First American Home Buyers Protection – Yeah, Right…

I know this is unrelated to gadgets, but it goes to my experiences in dealing with companies that care very little about the customer and more about their bottom line. Home Warrantee companies are notoriously cheap (and crooked). If they can they would allow a vendor to fix your A/C with bubble-gum and saran wrap – IMHO. smile_angry Well, recently, First American took the cake:

  • In early August our A/C started to leak. It is located in the attic above the kitchen, so you can imagine the mess it made of the ceiling, walls, floor, etc. So we had to turn the darn thing off in the hottest of Texas months to avoid more damage to the house.
  • We called First American to get a repair person out ASAP.
  • After a ton of headaches and a lot of calls, two days later we found they had a backlog and NEVER faxed our claim to a vendor. After talking with a manager they called one of their "side" people on a special "because the customer is pissed off list." smile_baringteeth
  • The vendor came out to our place 2 hours after the talk with the manager, walked up to our attic, looked at our A/C unit, got our description of the problem and then threw up his arms and said he was not going to do the work, and then even asked us for our $50 check for making a service call. I kicked him out the door… smile_baringteethsmile_angrysmile_sad
  • Calling back to First American, they refused to send out another vendor until the first vendor filled his report. WTF!!!! smile_angry
  •  I was livid by this time, 3 days of NO A/C in the hundred degree days of August!!! So after getting to another manager they scheduled us another visit in 2 days. But to make the "pain and suffering more bearable" and because we had a five year old in the house, the promised us a $150 refund to buy a portable A/C unit.
  • We promptly bought the portable A/C unit and set it up in the smallest room in the house – where we hunkered down for 2 days.
  • We followed the paperwork requirement to get the refund from First American – fax receipt and a special form confirming the purchase of the unit.
  • Two days later the A/C repair man came out and fixed the flooding problem with the A/C and everything was cool again. First American even waived the $50 fee usually associated with such work since it took so longer to get a competent vendor to our home. smile_regular
  • However, here is is over two months later and we sill have not received our $150 check. After five follow-up calls to managers we keep getting the same story:
    • The first manager approved the $150 which sent it to a special refunds department.
    • The refunds department then awaited our fax – they got it and confirmed everything was on the up and up. They then sent it to Accounting for approval.
    • Accounting received it and then forwarded it back to the approving manager for final verification – this is where it has been stuck for 6 weeks. smile_sad
    • Next, it goes back to accounting where they will validate the managers approval, sent it to a special processing department where they will then proceed to cut and mail the check.
    • From there it will take 7 to 10 business days for the check to arrive.
  • Ok, but we still cannot get a manager to approve our refund. Honestly, I think they wanted us to buy the portable unit to shut us up while we wait. The promise for the $150 is very likely a red herring. Because here is the real kicker:
    • In the last 8 weeks we have received three follow-up calls from First American verifying that our issue was resolved and that they were closing our ticket.
    • Problem is: not once did they ever mention our refund.
    • When notified of that fact they all say: "Oh, I see that in the notes here, let me get your request forwarded to the right department."
    • This implies that none of the above process has even taken place.

Anyway, I wanted to get my experience out there – maybe others have a similar experience. The important thing is that I will NEVER be choosing First American as a Home Warrantee company ever again and I strongly suggest if given the option to choose another – although I am of the opinion this entire industry is run by a bunch of crooks anyway.

Anyone know of a good warrantee company?


3 thoughts on “First American Home Buyers Protection – Yeah, Right…”

  1. I had an interesting exchange with hewlitt-Packard on theier extended warrenty.  I had a in home repair, 4 year WOW sounds soooo good, to make a long gut wretching experience short, after 12 tech with impeccable manners and a East Indian accent, so thick you could hang a Humvee on it and a Hal sounding barage of emails, I gave up and had another repair person take over.  The warrenty was almost $400.00.  What a sap I am! One person cannot fight India or HP

  2. First American Home Warranty was totally dishonest about their coverage.  They said that they covered all equipment I even got a rider for the air conditioners.  They took a warranty on a nine year old house adn when an air conditioner pan started to leak they said it was pre existing.  Well DUH… it is a nine year old home anything that goes wrong is going to be from age of the equipment, that is why you get a home warrenty and you tell them how old the house is.  They sent someone out to say that it was pre existing and then wanted to charge me $50 for a house call.  Needless to say I am cancelling that policy and working to get my money back.

  3. Well I am glad I have never used them however SEARS has always insured everything from air conditioners to weed wackers weather or not you purchase it at there store or elsewear I have never been disapointed in any way and use them exclusively for 30 years Miss.Mae

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