The Magic Folder Version 2.0 is LIVE

It has been a long while since I updated The Magic Folder. I have made two really large additions to the Gadget:

  1. New folder graphics. You ca choose from 4 different folder graphics styles (see below).
  2. A "The Magic Folder" on your file system. This new folder appears in your C:\Users\<username> folder when you turn on the option. You can save file to this location and have them distributed by file extension wherever you want them.

NOTE: With option #2 you can also add to your right-click Send To folder option to now move files to this location and allow it to be a catchall for all your file types. smile_omg I will share more on this in an later blog posting – so stay tuned.

Here is a look at the new folder types:

bg-large-blue-magicbg-large-blue-default bg-large-blue-sideways bg-large-blue-skinny

These styles are (from left to right): Magic, Default, Sideway and Skinny.

I have a few other plans in store for this gadget, namely adding an option to allow you to specify your own default location for "The Magic Folder" on your file system. Also, I am probably going to clean up the new images a little, I just do not feel 100% good about them yet. Finally, and ability to add Internet Folder locations (HTTP and FTP folder locations).

IMPORTANT: As is usual, the update was placed on the site around 3:00PM CST. It takes anywhere from 6 to 48 hours for the gadget to be approved and posted. As soon as it is live you should get prompt from the Gadget itself that the update is available.

Let me know what you think about it. smile_nerd

25 thoughts on “The Magic Folder Version 2.0 is LIVE”

  1. I have a folder on my desktop that is basically my dump folder to keep my desktop clean. It has been okay, but a little annoying because it kept getting moved around when my computer would "wake." I just want a place to drag and drop.
    I didn\’t like the "Magic" style, but I like the other options, now that I know they are there. Reducing the opacity of the plain folder makes it fit in perfectly with my desktop. I should send you a capture. LOL.
    I need to do more exploring to find out if you have allowed the folder to sort based on title, rather than extension. If not, that might be helpful to some (like me).
    Thanks for this useful tool that will help me make my desktop THAT much nicer. 🙂

  2. Me, again. I was thinking that opening files from the Magic Folder would be helpful, too…unless that is also something else I need to find out about this gadget.

  3. One of the best released gadgets I ever seen !!!
    Been using it (version 2.0) for couple days — excellent gadgie !
    Well done !

  4. * I just want to agree with Alexander 100% and repeat his opinion— well done. I\’ll post note of this on Vista Forums.One of the best released gadgets I ever seen !!!Been using it (version 2.0) for couple days — excellent gadgie !Well done !

  5. * I just want to agree with Alexander 100% and repeat his opinion— well done. I\’ll post note of this on Vista Forums.One of the best released gadgets I ever seen !!!Been using it (version 2.0) for couple days — excellent gadgie !Well done !

  6. * I just want to agree with Alexander 100% and repeat his opinion— well done. I\’ll post note of this on Vista Forums.One of the best released gadgets I ever seen !!!Been using it (version 2.0) for couple days — excellent gadgie !Well done !

    Is that maybe because I am running Vista x64 Ultimate?  HMMM.  Wonderful gadget on the other computers!

  8. dave love this option….. yet everytime my system goes to screen saver it freezes and can not get out unless i use task master cntr/alt/delete… there any reason it should freeze like this?  is it curable?

  9. I really like this gadget! It\’s so useful and you can add anything you want and find the folder instantly but how about giving it a bit of an opacity control? So we can then change the level of opacity to whatever we like? A lot of other gadgets have this option so I just thought I would mention it? Maybe a bit to difficult to do though as I don\’t know, not being a \’teckie\’? Thank you. Mike. UK.

  10. Having it sort by keywords within the filename would also be of great value to me. It would help to organise things not only by extension but also content.

  11. Estimado.Mucho tiempo busqué una aplicación como ésta para la organización de mis documentos y no encontré algo tan bueno hasta ahora.Te agradezco el gran trabajo que tú has hecho con este Gadget!!Gracias.

  12. I second Gary Chisolm\’s comment. Good as it is, if it could filter by partial file name as well, it would be even better

  13. Hi and I hope somebody can help me here? I have used Magic Folder ever since Vista was first released and it\’s always worked perfectly. However, I am now running Windows 7 and Magic Folderf has always worked just as good in 7 as it did with Vista. But just lately, whenever I try to open one of my folders (say My Music) from Magic Folder, I keep getting an error message every time. It won\’t let me open a folder and keeps saying: This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel. I have never come across this error before whenever I have used Magic Folder before in either Vista or Windows 7, so can somebody please assist and let me know what the hell is happening please as I don\’t have the faintest idea what to do? Many thanks, Mike, UK.

  14. Thanks for this lovely gadget, which is my favourite. Can you please add an option to move the gadget on the screen? If I undock it, it will take the upper left position on my screen, and I can\’t move it to a convenient place on the screen.

  15. I love this gadget – great job! I prefer a clean desktop and this is the only gadget I run. I, too, would love to see keywords added but I also see that it’s been a while since you’ve released any updates so perhaps you have moved on. But, if I could sort based on filename.QUOTATION.xls and filename.ESTIMATE.xls this would take an already very useful app to a whole new level for me!

    Thanks for putting it out there!

  16. Great tool, but in my experience gadget gets stuck if in watched folder it meets a file with unregistered extension. Maybe a simple skip over unknown could be implemented?

  17. Is it just me, or is there no provision for handling .pdf format files?

    Or / also, is it possible for a user to add file types?

    BTW, your wordpress site and choice of themes is definitely working for you!


  18. I love this gadget! I can’t find where to install it on my laptop computer. I’ve got System 7 installed on that computer, as well as my desktop, but I can’t find your “Magic Folder” anywhere. When I go looking for the program on my desktop, to copy it and install it on my laptop, I can’t even find that. Help me, help me, Dave. No computer is living up to it’s potential without this incredibly useful little bit of code you’ve created. Please help un-cripple my laptop.

    1. I am using Windows 7 Pro and my gadgets work. even yours though the graphics are all missing for some reason.

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