Live QnA Gadget (version 1.1)

I got an interesting question in e-mail – what is Live QnA and how do I use it. Well, here are the answers:

Well, everything on my wish list for this gadget is completed (much faster than I anticipated). I finally feel I am getting better at this Sidebar Gadget thing because I am able to get what I want done more quickly. As per usual process it may be a day or two before it is actually live on the gallery. Here is what version 1.1 of the Live QnA Gadget now sports:

  • Updated interface.
  • New – more spiffy – thumbnail.
  • Saves data between launches.
  • Shows all the answers to a question (listed out)
  • Has option to show only UNASWERED questions. smile_nerd

What I found I could not address or not address very easily so I will not attempt to add them to this gadget are:

  • Ability to answer the question right in the gadget. There is no interface to post the question to that is "documented." So unless/unitl this is documented this is not possible.
  • The ability to link to a profile. If you do not know the profile GUID then you cannot link to a profile at all.
  • The ability to show questions based on the number of answers they have. The only option available is answered or unanswered.

Please let me know what you think about this gadget. Do you like the QnA service, use it a lot, like the idea of a gadget on it, or what…

Anyway, here is a sneak peak at the new interface and thumbnail:

The Thumbnail


The updated gadget:


The update fly out – with new graphics:


The updated settings:


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