Live QnA Gadget (v1.0) is now live

My newest gadget the Live QnA Gadget is available for download.
Please download it and let me know what you think. Also, here are some additional ideas I have for this gadget that I did not get into the initial version:
  • Better internface for browsing the questions.
  • An option to show only UNANSWERED questions or questions with only 1 to 5 answers.
  • The ability to navigate the answers given on questions directly from the flyout.
  • Adding a link to the authors name so you can see their profile
  • Settings to be saved between launches. Right now if you reboot or unload and reload the gadget you will have to go back into the settings and re-enter your tags and refresh settings.

If you have other ideas for this gadget, please let me know.

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