Just for fun… Live Search Club Gadget

Well, I started playing around a little and after about 15 minutes I had a new gadget pretty much done. smile_nerd So, has anyone seen the new service from Microsoft called: Live Search Club. First, let me explain the service for those new to it:

1) You can play several free online games. Currently there are eight (8) and these include:

2) As you play the FREE games, you earn tickets for completing them. Earn enough tickets and you can trade them in for REAL prizes. Several items are in the prize store from music downloads to an XBOX 360.

Ok, so I made this new gadget and just posted it. The new gadget is called The Live Search Club Gadget. It provides you a list of the games available from the site. You can click through each game and then click the picture of the game you want which will then load in your browser. Again, very simple gadget. Here is a screen shot:


Let me know what you think.

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