The Magic Folder version 1.5

The Magic Folder has been updated. The new version is version Here is everything new in this version:
  • The flashing in the settings pane is gone when switching tabs. I describe how I fixed that in a previous Blog entry.
  • There have also been some requests to disable the file move confirmations, so now that is an option on the General tab.
  • I also reduced the verbiage on some of the settings to be more concise.
  • The Show Intro option has been moved to the about page.
  • Finally, when you move a folder to the gadget with the extensions disabled, the WHOLE folder is moved (all files and subfolders). In the past the folder would have been gutted of all the files leaving the folder itself and all subfolders (and this still happens with extensions enabled).

I submitted the update at 9:00AM today, so as per usual it is up to the Gallery folks as to how soon this update will be made available.

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