Vacation Week Is Over

Well, I just got back from San Diego. It was a blast. My wife, son and I went to Legoland, the San Diego Zoo and Disneyland. I might post a pick or two once my wife gets them all organized – she is in charge of camera duties. My son (turning 5 next month) had the biggest blast of all because so many things were larger than life, yet so tangible now that he could see and touch them all.

Back to Gadgetland…

Anyway, that is why it has been a bit quiet here on my blog over the last week. I have a pending update for The Magic Folder, but I need some help first. Has anyone seen the comment on the gadget page from ctshiner. The post is titled "wierd glitch." Here is the text of it:
It’d be nice if you didn’t have to have ‘display file extensions’ enabled under folder options for it to work. When it’s disabled, it always just says file has no extension : \
Has anyone seen this issue? I cannot reproduce it. If I turn off the extensions and then drag a file it always prompts me where to move the file. I am wondering if there is someone else who has seen this or know how to reproduce it.It may be something system specific, or a set of specific steps. Please contact me if you encounter this issue.

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  1. Actually, I think I understand the problem that ctshiner posted. They have File Extensions still disabled/hidden in Windows Explorer and they are using the default settings for the gadget – which is to move the files based on file extensions. The problem is that the file extension is unknown to the gadget when the extension are disabled…this is the default behavior built into the Gadget API. However, now that I know a lot more than I used to in regards to extensions and the gadget API as well as the ability to use the File System Object, I am likely going to see if I can work around this current limitation.

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