Back to work…

I took a few days and walked away from development to relax. I have been intensly working on The Magic Folder for several weeks now. Being a perfectionist, I am always trying to make it better and better. Well, I am currently finalizing another build but wanted to point out something interesting I found out over the last week.
I have been trying to find a way to get rid of the annoying flashing in the Settings dialog since I created it. I went to the Gadgets Forum and asked if anyone else had run into this problem. Despite the fact I have programmed in JavaScript and DHTML for years, I would only consider myself an intermediate programmer in that area partially because it is only a hobby for me and not a way of life. And the response I got was eloquent and simple – instead of using location.replace(htmlPageFile) to load the pages when a tab was clicked, I put all of the information in one file and changed the style.display settings for the different tabs and viola! No more flashing. The current beta looks really good.
I have made a few additional changes but will discuss those when I post the next release…hopefully early next week if all goes well.

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