New BETA for The Magic Folder

After I posted the last update I got right back to work on some new updates for The Magic Folder.
Here is a list of the updates thusfar:
  • New graphics in the Settings dialog (better blend of colors and grouping).
  • New backgrounds for the fly-outs to help them stand out more.
  • Automatic Updates.  Now when an update is available you will know.

I am making a few minor changes here in there as well. For instance, I am taking away the option to be able to turn on/off "process folders" and making that option turned ON all the time by default. If you have any other suggestions or things you would like to see, please drop me a message.

I have attached a few screenshots from the BETA. Let me know what you think and contact me if you are interested in being a BETA tester.
NOTE: I plan to post this update by Friday morning.

1 thought on “New BETA for The Magic Folder”

  1. Hey Dave!  I had sometime to visit around on internet.. It\’s sort of been super busy with some of the things that I love…music mainly, and of cousre msn space blogs, and the wonderful people whom use it, develop it, and all that LONG list of lists to list here…an extended family of trusting build upon family & friends out there! 
    You your space is rockin\’!  And going to sign your guestbook!
    Oh.. I am very much so interested in maybe becoming a Beta Tester..gosh…lol…I already usually sample, test, use, etc., a lot of new stuff which I decover on my own as faras software, gadgets, programs, etc., and when I really LIKE to LOVE to HATE any of them.. I uninstall, drop it, or use/run it.. and give CREDIT where credit is due!  And in an honest, and nice way!  So yea, email me, drop me a comment, msm im request me, if you wish!  I\’ll sure do what I can, and give it my best shot!  I never do anything half-way anyway! 
    So, anyway\’s…lol…I am trying out your newly developed Vista \’Magic Folder\’ and it looks like something that I SO COULD USE/RUN that WOULD SO HELP me in my \’OWN WAY OF SORTING/BUILDING MY FILES & FOLDERS\’ the way I can FIND/KNOW where they are \’with some organizational level!\’  For I am one that has my \’own way\’ of filing/naming/sorting files & folder taht I add..  Hell, \’WE ALL are DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS, WITH OUR ON INTER-BUILT INSTINCT/LEARNED\’ way of sorting out \’anything!  Be it on paper, cpu, programs.. and what I am saying is that… and human makesmistakes, & we humans program/run/and tell the CPU what to do.. So I sure LOVE the skills, programs, gadgets, OS, and the TALENTED/SKILLED levels of each one, as far as I might be great one thing & another person might be great at whatever it is that they are good at!  lol  So yeap!  I so trade off the good, the bad, & the ugly (lol) of my areas of talent, & not-so-talented areas of myself..
    So most definitely do I appreicate what a program, OS, gadget, and the person.. just as others would appreicate good music, to the not-so-talented, or best sounding music/musician…!   lol 
    And I really am looking foward to trying out, and maybe making your "Magic Folder" a permenment, & ppreiacated & used\’ gift that you developed just for \’all of us\’ THAT could so need, or enjoy the talents/abilities of…
    Look forward visiting more often on your msn blog space,  and will enjoy it, learn from it, etc… for I can sure tell you so totally love & are very talented… in many area.. and you seem like a cool person that I would hang out with when I could..
    So keep rockin\’ it…See ya\’ later
    Be safe & Be well,

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