Still here – just overwhelmed…

I have not had a lot of time lately to do much of anything. Two weeks ago I was in sunny Orlando for Convergence 2008. That was a FUN event, but quite tiring as I was manning the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) booth. Talk about a product that gets people excited…MOSS makes them crazy. Smile

This week I am finalizing training material for the Troubleshooting and Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 in the Enterprise workshop [link coming soon]. In two weeks I deliver the workshop listed above to a customer here in Dallas and then two weeks later I will be delivering it again in Chicago. I am told from that point I will be delivering it about every 4 to 6 weeks. Surprised

Additionally, I have been working on a tool inside Microsoft for detecting add-ins in the Enterprise Environment (Microsoft Office System Add-in Scanner). When that tool is ready we will likely add it to the web somewhere with a white paper or something. Currently, the tool is still in beta and being used at about a half dozen customer sites.

The feedback from the tool and the workload with the workshop and my standard case load is keeping me buried at Microsoft. Oh, and personally I have a lot going on. My son is going to be 6 this summer, he is finishing up kindergarten and there is a whole book to talk about there – more on this later…

Anyway, you get the point… lots going on. Hot

williamWilliam Craig (5 y/o). 

More on Gadgets….

My latest gadget project (which I have eluded to in previous posts) is called "Mycrocuts." My partner (a fellow Microsoftie – Matt Dyor) and I are still working on tweaking the specifications and making some changes to the data structure and advanced features. We started work on this back in September 2007 and at the current rate it may be another month or more before we release it to the world…as I have more information I will share it. I am chomping at the bit to share this with the community, but we want to make sure we get it working JUST right before we release it.

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