Where have I been…

It has been a little over two months since I have updated my blog. But I am still here. smile_regular 

I have been and am still working on a new gadget that is a joint project with a fellow Microsoftie. I have been fairly hush-hush about it, but it is now in a trial phase. For now we are still keeping it quiet. I hope that in the next month or so we can open this up to everyone on the web.

Several months ago, a fellow employee who really liked the idea of The Magic Folder came to me with an idea to create a somewhat related gadget, but with a very interesting spin. We started working together on hashing out the specifications and then completed the first fully functional Beta this week…we even entered it into a Science Fair at Microsoft (held today).

While it did not win the Science Fair, it did draw considerable excitement. I cannot wait to share it with everyone. smile_teeth In closing, I will leave you with a screen shot of the gadget and a short blurb on what it is about:

It is a gadget that helps you keep track of things and spans the desktop and the network.


Stay tuned – more coming soon… smile_wink

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