Nuvio – So Far So Good

If you have read my previous posts about being a supernova survivor (when SunRocket went out with a whimper but left 200,000 VoIP refugees), this is an update…

As promised, Nuvio ported my two SunRocket numbers: switched in 5 days flat. smile_omg

So far everything is looking good; no complaints. It is going as promised.

The next big step is getting my phone bill in the coming weeks. A recent snafu (with my bill) I had with Verizon has me VERY weary and I cannot trust my senses until I am sure the billing cycle is correct, expected and per schedule.

By the way, if anyone from Verizon is listening, your FIOS service rocks, but your billing system is for the dogs. It is one reason I DID NOT even consider your phone service. smile_thinking


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