Last Week – Microsoft TechReady

For those who know

that I work for Microsoft. Last week was a huge global briefing in Seattle for the Sales, Services and Support groups at Microsoft called TechReady. there was a lot of great information and way more sessions than I could possibly attend – even though many more interested me than not. smile_nerd I love to learn and since learning is what TechReady was about – I loved it!

However, I wanted to highlight the fact I got to meet with one of the Program Managers in the Windows SideShow group. I had a very long and friendly conversation with him and expressed my frustrations with creating a SideShow gadget – especially deploying it. Most of what we discussed borders on confidential information, but I can share that I left the conversation feeling very good about the future of this technology and if you are interested and/or frustrated, all I can say is to stay tuned. smile_wink 

As for SideShow gadgets, I have a few ideas brewing – it is just a matter of finding the time… clock


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