Gadgets and Screen DPI (Font Size)

In addition to working for Microsoft, I am also an instructor for two nights a week at ITT-Tech. Friday evening one my my C++ students wanted to show me a problem they were having with The Magic Folder. Most of the text in the dialogs were cut off – unreadable. The problem is that he was running with Large fonts (screen DPI set to 120). The default is 96. So I immediately went to work on a solution in the next pending update – which I will post Sunday night (5/20/2007). But this took what seemed like forever to resolve and I could not find ANYTHING about this issue specifically related to gadgets out there. Does anyone know about this????
Anyway, here was the solution I came up with:
1) In my main HTML file, I placed the following DIV: 

<div id="dpiTest" style="width:1in; height:1in;"></div>

2) I then setup the following function to run as soon as the gadget was loaded.
function detectDPI()
   var path = System.Gadget.path + "\\css\\";
   var dpi = new Number(dpiTest.offsetWidth);
   var fso = getFSO();
   if(dpi>=120) // hi-res fonts
      fso.GetFile(path + "styles-120dpi.css").Copy(path + "styles.css",true);
      fso.GetFile(path + "styles-96dpi.css").Copy(path + "styles.css",true);

3) Additionally, I created 3 copies of my stylesheet and named them:
  • styles.css
  • styles-120dpi.css
  • styles-96dpi.css

4) In the 120 version of the file I set all the fonts to xx-small, where in the 96 they are set to just x-small. The plane styles.css file was a copy of the 96dpi version.

So what this does is on load it looks at the 1"x1" div that I placed on the form. It reads the offsetWidth which returns the pixel resolution. 1" = 96 when the fonts are normal and 1" = 120 when the fonts are LARGE. It then replaces/renames the "styles.css" file with the proper version. All the other forms will then fall in-line.

Viola! Hopefully, someone else out there having this problem will find this solution useful.

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  1. Does anybody know how to or if it is even possible to add new or different \’Font\’ Styles to the Internet Explorer – Hotmail drop down menu for composing an email message?

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