Error 457 Debugging a Visual Studio Office App

If you are working on an Office Apps for Office Mail App for Outlook, you might come across this error when you are attempting debug. If you are like me, you might have setup a free developers Office 365 account and now you are using that account to test a Mail App.

NOTE: And that is the ONLY thing you use it for, You never log into it directly… ever.

With Mail Apps for Office you need to supply the username and password for you Office 365 account and in the background it does an AutoDiscovery search for the proper settings to log you in and install the Manifest…

Everything works great and then one day you get an error 457 every time you try to launch. Now, I did not grab the EXACT message (or a screenshot, sorry), but it basically comes up with: Publish failed due to error 457, something or another. No other useful details in the error dialog.

Turns out it is a simple fix.

Your password expired. Go log in to manually and you will be prompted to change your password. It is that simple.

Thankfully, I figured it out pretty quickly, thanks to this link:

It says:

“the server responds to an Autodiscover command request with an HTTP error 457, the client SHOULD stop sending requests to the server and then prompt the user to reset the user password.¬†“

However, you do not get this warning from Visual Studio. Nope, you get an incredibly useful error 457.

Visual Studio team, if you are reading this – please take note. wlEmoticon-hotsmile.png