Using NPM to Publish and Update Packages

This blog post is more for me than you. I come from an era when command line was the only way to get things done. The folks that were able to do that in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, were called…


Well, for some reason, after advancements in GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) we are back to command-line interfaces. I have heard an argument that this makes it easier to build in voice command interfaces, but I do not see myself saying: “npm install”. I believe it came about because it is easier to create a command line interface quickly for free than it is to create a graphical one. Just sayin’. wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png

With that said, lets get down the business. I published OfficeJs.dialogs to NPM and found a few last minutes bugs and needed to update it. Well, this seemed easy enough, but I was getting some error about my git working directory:

git working directory dialogs not clean

This turns out to happen because I needed to do both a push and a pull. Not sure why, but I did a push and sync and that did not resolve the issue. I had to do a pull from git too:


Next, I had to then do a version update. To do this you type this in the Terminal window in VS Code once it is pointed to the repository folder:

npm version patch

This will add a single point to the version, so for me that was from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2. Next, you issue a single command:

npm publish

This will publish version 1.0.2 (in my case) to the node module in the sky ( Next, I then went to my project where I am using it and then issue this command:

npm update officejs.dialogs

And just like that, I had the latest version. Seems simple enough, but it took a while for me to research this and get it working. And since these are all command lines without a graphical ability to “hunt and peck” for the right menu item, I am writing it down for posterity. I will likely be referring to this post for myself again in the future.

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