is Retiring

I went all out using for my code starting last year. But, I just got notified that it is being retired this December. wlEmoticon-cryingface.png

However, effectively immediately, all the code pages I was using now display an error like this all over my site:


This is VERY frustrating I know. wlEmoticon-sadsmile.png

I have decided I will be converting all my code blocks over to Gist. Unless anyone has a better idea for a WordPress site. P.S. I really do NOT want to use add-on’s either. Anyway, this may take me a while as I have a LOT of code content out there on So, please bear with me.

Also, please note, I (kind of) anticipated this. In all my code pages there is a link above every embedding you can click to expand and to see the full code on my site:


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