10 Interesting Science/Technology Articles

I have been using Flipboard for a few months now, and decided to try my hand at creating a short magazine. This volume covers: The latest news on the bright spots on Ceres, the “dwarf planet.” What are they? A supermassive black hole. Always cool. Saturn’s weirdest and coolest looking moon. Interesting info on selling your stuff easily (virtual garage sale) on eBay. When to toss all your financial paperwork. Good information about cell phone batteries. How to give up on Google – yes. But this article suggests you move to iPhone, not to Windows Phone. Not quite the right move. Windows Phone is much better. Why Microsoft thinks pen and paper are a thing of the past. Windows 10 releases on July 29th. And a silly article about an exo-planet. Exoplanets are the coolest, but its spacey stuff. How do you get kids in Colorado interested in space? Read the article and LOL.

Check it the magazine here.

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