VSTO Roadmap

I get asked the question a lot: Is VSTO going away?

With all the buzz and excitement around the new Apps for Office programming model, some Office Developers are feeling like VSTO is being abandoned. I have explained many times that it is NOT. VSTO is here to stay and your investment in solutions are safe.

And now, Michael Zlatkovsky (PM-VSTO), has confirmed – officially – the roadmap for VBA, VSTO and the new Apps for Office programming models. Specifically, let me call out an important quote:

At the same time, however, it’s important to note that all three technologies will be supported in the foreseeable future. This means that if you have an existing VBA or VSTO project, and if you’re satisfied with the capabilities, tooling, and marketability of your existing solution, you can be confident that your investments are safe.

So, keep on coding!

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    If you’re planning an MS Office migration [upgrade], this information should help outline the future of automation components with a link to the official roadmap on a Microsoft [MSFT] sanctioned blog.

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