Script to Migrate

When you deploy Office 2010 over an existing install of Office 2003, one thing that will happen is that user settings in Microsoft Word (auto-text, styles, macros,etc.) will not translate forward. This is because as part of the migration process, the for Office 2003 is renamed to The following article details this:

The article outlines a set of steps to manually replace the original However, it does not provide a means to perform this step during setup/deployment or as a script to be deployed as part of a post-install or login.

The following is a JavaScript sample that performs the steps outlined in the KB article above:

shell = new ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell'); 
userPath = shell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings('%UserProfile%');
var path = userPath + "\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Templates\\";
var fs = new ActiveXObject("
var newNormal = fs.GetFile(path + "
newNormal.Move(path + "
var oldNormal = fs.GetFile(path + "");
oldNormal.Move(path + "");

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