Excel File Cleaner

Last year I worked with a major fortune 500 company on an issue they were having with their Excel files increasing in size by major proportions, slow load times, and cell formatting errors. Each of the problems are documented by well known issues in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

The company had problems with the workarounds listed in the articles. Those tools/options did not work well because they targeted files created in Excel 2003 and did not take into account the extended cell range capabilities in Excel 2007/2010. As such I created a new tool to help combat this issue. They have since deployed this tool throughout their organization to great success.

Just recently, in an effort to increase the adoption of this tool, I placed it on CodePlex (source code and all). The tool uses the OpenXml toolkit to correct files that exhibit issues (file size, slowness and cell format errors). You can access it here:

Excel File Cleaner

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