Avis Newark (EWR) Airport

I fly into Newark almost every week as I have a customer in Princeton, NJ. Each week, I have to rent a car to get there…Most of the time things go fairly smooth, but for my last 3 visits to Newark, I have encountered poor service at Avis.

Three weeks ago their systems were down (maintenance they said), so my name was not on the board. Luckily the line was not long, but they put me in a car that had not a single knob in it. I had to wait nearly 30 minutes for them to fill out paperwork and sign a statement that the car was in this condition when I got into it and then get a new car. Really? What?!?!?! Steaming mad

The next week, I get there and was greeted with a line of 20 ANGRY people in the Preferred Service line. Avis had had a power outage. So naturally, their systems crashed. One hour later, I get a car parked in a Galaxy Far Far Away, a Kia POS and after driving off the lot I noticed it had a huge scratch down the passenger side. Ugh!

When I returned to Avis later in the week “the damage is not on file,” so therefore it was MY FAULT. Again with  the signing of papers. And a lady with a snippy attitude. What?!?!?!?! Steaming mad 

And for the trifecta, I arrived last night again to the same location after midnight (due to a much delayed flight). There were 5 ANGRY people in front of me in the PREFERRED LINE. Their computers had crashed. Are you seeing a pattern here? Or, is it just me?

Anyway, twenty minutes later, I get a car with scratches all over it and no e-Toll for the Jersey Turnpike and I had expressly asked for one. I had to wait for a manager to express my discontent. Not to mention I still had an hour to drive in order to get to Princeton.  UGH!!!!! Steaming mad 

Next week I am flying into Philly and driving up to Princeton. Hopefully, that Avis will treat me better. Here’s hoping!

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