Hobowars Hotfix

About 3 years ago I started playing a Facebook game called Hobowars. With some help from a browser plug-in that refreshed the training page for me 24 hours a day, I was able to make it to #1. The developer of the game then created a CAPTCHA to verify humans from refreshing programs or bots. In addition, he created a place called “The Big House,” or jail, where cheaters went away for good. Well, a select few of us used a new cheat: Service Pack 1 (before it even went commercial). This program would solve the CAPCHA and continue to allow you to refresh. I used it until my character got chunked in jail only because I was #1 too long. Winking smile

Well, I eventually moved over to the full game of Hobowars, but the Service Pack 1 cheat program did not work there. Just this week, Excited Heaven has released a new cheat program called Hobowars Hotfix. This program works with the full version of the game. Now, I am nowhere near as active at online games as I used to be, but this program (and Excited Heaven) deserve a shout out.

If you play the full version, or even play the Facebook version of Hobowars, you have to check out this application. It allows you to train your hobo secretly while you are not even there… it’s a must have. Smile

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