Humor, That is Still Valid (Sadly)

A Texan dies and goes to Hell. The devil is excited as he has never met a Texan before. So he runs down to the lowest depths to find the Texan sitting with his boots propped up and a big grin on his face. The devil shocked, as others are wailing in pain and asks the Texan what he is so happy about. The Texan coolly replies, “Well, Devil, I thought it would be much worse, but this reminds me of Texas in June.” This steams the Devil…

So the devil heads back to the control room and turns up the dial a few more notches. Almost instantly the wails of pain raise across all of hell. He returns to the Texan who has removed his shirt, but still had that damn grin on his face. So the devil asks why he is still so happy as he obviously sees the others around him writhing in agony. The Texan coolly replies,” Well, Devil, it did get a bit warmer, but it feels like Texas in July. And that is my favorite month.” Now the devil is incensed.

So the devil goes back to the control room and cranks up the heat as high as it will go. The instant deafening roar of screaming is almost too much for the devil. But he gets back to the Texan who is in nothing but his boxers. Without being asked, the Texan states, “Devil, did you know my birthday is in August and this feels great!” The devil blew his lid in anger.

So the devil heads back, feeling dejected by this first representative from the great state of Texas; but he hatches a new plan. We walks to the control panel and turns it down as low as it would go. All smug now, the devil returns to the Texan to find snow piled in the corners, kids throwing snow balls, laughing and playing, icicles hanging from the ceiling… but what was this? The Texan was running around in circles, jumping up and down and whopping an hollering. The devil stopped him for a moment and asked what had gotten into him. The Texan replied, “The Texas Rangers just won the World Series!”

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