Hola Nuvio

Well, after SunRocket went supernova I weighed the options and well… Nuvio it is. Of the two choices the ghost of SunRocket left us with, neither look very good to me compared to Nuvio, so I am not following their suggestion (nor mentioning their names). SunRocket made terrible decisions that caused their demise, why would I trust their choices for replacement. Sick Anyway, here are my reasons for choosing Nuvio (hopefully this will help some of the rest of you supernova refugees out there): Smile
  • Nuvio has a great process for reusing the SunRocket Gizmo. As soon as I started the signup (here) it only took 10 minutes and my phone was up and running. I was making calls and was able to recieve them as well – albeith with a Los Angeles phone number.
  • They are promising a 1 to 5 day number port. SunRocket customers will be able to bypass the 20 day usual conversion jungle.
  • They offer a great month to month plan with no yearly committments or fees for cancelling service. So I can try it to make sure I like it.
  • They have a great set of features and a few extra I wish SunRocket had.
  • They are a profitable company that does not make VoIP their primary source of income.

So far so good. If things get crappy, I will let you know. Nerd

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