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So, I notice that my web results ranking for search terms relating to Live Search Club are quite high. I am seeing a LOT of hits to my blog about this. Primarily, my site covers Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget development and specifically my ranking results from my blog entries about the Live Search Club Gadget. smile_nerd But I do play club games and generally understand why people are searching the web about it. So visitors are generally here for a few reasons:

  1. They are looking for cheats to the games. This comes from the general fact that it appears people have a high number of points and NO GAMES played. In general this is some type of bug or ill-explained issue with Live Search Club. Now this is not to say there are not people out there somehow cheating, but this is not the point of this post.
  2. They are looking for answers or help. There are some forums on the web already popping up to help users out with questions or when they get stuck. I will not point to them but you can append the word "forum" to your search and find a few. But I will give you some general help for a couple of my favorite games:
  3. They want to know more about the club. Such as whether it is real or not? Where do the prizes come from? How long does it take to get prizes?
    • It is real and you do win prizes. There must be a big budget for this but I can tell you that obviously it is designed to get you to use to search instead of … ahem … "other" search sites. If you are using … ahem … "other" search sites, maybe you ought to switch for a while and try out – you might like it. thumbs_up
    • From several places on the web I have read it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get your prizes. I cannot seem to find the links to these random postings, but there were 4 to 5 that I read that all said the same things. This wait time even includes downloaded items like songs. I know this is weird, but this is how it works. It is FREE so I cannot imagine a complaint about that. smile_embaressed 
    • It appears that prizes are handled through But I no nothing more than that previous sentence.
    • Most prizes are Microsoft Products – no surprise there, huh?
    • There are 8 games and Chicktionary and Flexicon give you the most bang (points) for your time and effort – in my humble opinion (20 and 25 points respectfully).

So hopefully, this might help a few people that are coming to my site. And if you are here and you happen to have Windows Vista, why not download a Sidebar gadget, or two, or three (from the list on the top left of the main page) while you are at it. smile_teeth 

Good luck and have fun playing games!

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