Clip Collector (version 1.1)


Well, I have long neglected the Clip Collector gadget. smile_omg A problem was reported to me a while back that when you copy something that is NOT text (like the file or a picture) to the clipboard it may cause the gadget to get an error. If you have script errors enabled, you will see it, otherwise the gadget will just stop collecting clips.

Well, in this update, here is what has changed:

  • I have corrected the copy/error problem. smile_nerd
  • I added an update option in the settings tab so when you go there, if a new update is available on the web, it will let you know.
  • It will now remember your settings from restart to restart (but still not the clips it has collected).

For now this is all I have planned for this gadget. I have some ideas and suggestions from others and eventually I might add them to the gadget. However, at this time I have several items on my plate and this gadget in my humble opinion is quite elegant in its current state of simplicity. smile_teeth

Anyway as usual, I posted this to the gallery site and per the usual turn-around it will be about 24 to 48 hours before the updated version is live. Since it is Saturday, I am guessing it will likely not be posted until sometime on Monday.

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