Live Q&A Level 5!

QNA Level 5

One of my past-times I enjoy (when I have a few extra moments in the day) is to answer peoples questions on Live Q&A. A lot of times people who cannot find the answer they are looking for with a query on or will see the prompt to ask their question on Live Q&A. People like me see their question and then try to help them find the answer – either off the tops of our heads or from the web. There are some rules to the process as well:


  • Each Answer is 5 points
  • After a few days a question’s answer period is over and everyone can vote for the best answer to the question. You get 1 point for voting.
  • If you provided the best answer (by votes) you get 20 points.
  • Also the more often you provide the best answer the more Stars you get.

Well, I just made it to Level 5 tonight. smile_shades Oh and I should point out that Microsoft is really trying to build on this community. It is super exciting! One new area is something called the Live Search Club which is actually an online game where as you hone your skill searching the web to solve complex word puzzles. As you solve the puzzles you earn points towards cool prizes like a Zune.

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2 thoughts on “Live Q&A Level 5!”

  1. I have the latest version and I will like to know how I can enter files extensions that are NOT in the drop list ?Like Microsoft Maps & Streets Map using the x.est as extension.Thank you & I\’s a great gadget.Paul-Andre

  2. Hi Paul-Andre,

    Sorry for the slow response on this. To add your own extensions, hover over the right edge of the gadget and select the wrench icon. From there you will see the Setting dialog open. In the settings dialog you can click the Extensions tab. Click the (+) symbol. Type the extension you want and then select the folder location you want. Then click the Save button (looks like a disk). You should then be good. Also you can just drag an item with that file extension to the folder and you will get a prompt to define the location for the file extension as well.
    Let me know if this helps.

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