The Magic Folder (version 1.6)

Well, I just posted The Magic Folder version to the Windows Live Gallery site. At this point it will probably not be updated to the site until sometime tomorrow. However, this one comes with one great surprise:
  • As I stated in previous postings (below), you no longer need to enable file extensions in Windows Vista. This is a huge win for most users and I am beating myself up that I did not think about fixing this issue a long time ago. You will notice the new introduction screen no longer has the instructions for enabling file extensions. YEAH!
  • I fixed a small flashing issue a few people might have seen or experienced with the jump option and trimmed up the code a little – preparing it for version 2.0 – sometime in the future.  

I am currently working on getting a SideShow Gadget completed. There is even less documentation on SideShow gadgets than there are on SideBar gadgets. And from the SideShow gallery this is pretty evident. Plus SideShow is a super new technology and there are not a lot of devices that support it just yet…but that will change. 

Anyway, I am sort of time contrained and am going to try to get the thing posted ASAP. Keep a lookout…

2 thoughts on “The Magic Folder (version 1.6)”

  1. Nice job on the update, being technical I already have enable file extensions, but that is great for your every day user.
    In version 2.0, I think it would be awsome if you could choose your own graphic or Icon.
    Thanks again, this is my favorite Gadget out there.

  2. I am loving the folder!  Hope my phone\’s firmware will update to allow WMobile 6 and sideshow.  Looking foward to it!  Thanks for all the hard work and I am waiting on v2.0 as well.  Best Gadget Yet!

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