The Magic Folder (version 1.2)

Well, it is late again.
I have been putting in some late hours as I really delve into this new hobby of mine – building sidebar gadgets.
I am trying to work on a new gadget (top secret for now), but it has twisted up my mind and I am thinking about taking it back to the drawing board.  So I turned my efforts this evening to aswering some of my requests on existing gadgets.
There is good news – I updated The Magic Folder again (to version 1.2). This time with two of the most commonly requested features:
1) The ability to change the color of the folder. There are now 8 colots to choose from: Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Gray and of course Blue. (see attached images)
2) The ability to change the size of the folder while it is docked. Version 1.1 had a focus to improve the graphics and while the new icon was far better looking than the original, it was in some peoples words, "HUGE." Now you can shrink it to save precious real estate on your sidebar.
Anyway, see the list of attached images for the updated folder colors. The updated version should be live around 8am CST. Let me know what you think?

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