The Magic Folder (v1.1.0.0)

I just compelted the first update to The Magic Folder. I posted it at 9:10PM CST on 5/5/2007. It usually takes a few hours for it to become live, but I am not sure if there is a delay since it is the weekend. The new version, when it is available will be v1.1.0.0.
Here are the changes I made:
  • New graphics and colors (hopefully more stylish in most peoples minds).
  • New ability to turn OFF the file extensions redirection since some folks always want to be prompted where to move the files.
  • New Welcome Screen that will inform users about the file extensions issue in Windows Vista with this Gadget.
  • Small icon when pulled off the sidebar.

Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “The Magic Folder (v1.1.0.0)”

  1. I am really liking this gadget and where it is going. The ability to send a file to a folder based on tags would be a great addition to this. Nice work!

  2. I just had an issue with it that I thought you would want to know. I turned off move files by extension. I am on Vista and I have turned on file extentions. I dropped an msi and exe file on the folder and told it what folder to move it to and it crashed the side bar on me.

  3. Zodd, I am unable to reproduce this problem on my system. I have turned off "Move by extension" and then dropped both an MSI and EXE (at the same time and seperately) and each time they move to the folder I specified. I wonder if the folder you chose to move them two was permission restricted maybe, or possily your virus scanner kicked in and denied something it thought may be harmful. Can you let me know if it is either one of these conditions?
    As for the move file by tags, this is something I am considering. A co-worker of mine has begged me to do the same. I am thinking initially basing it on the filename and then eventually getting around to the document properties. However, I want to be sure. What type of tags are you referring to?

  4. I really like Magic Folder, but after a few weeks decided I really hated WSeven.

    Magic Folder isn’t compatible with XP. Is there a version that’is compatible? Do you know of any similar apps that are?

    Cheers for a great app, though!


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