My Next Vista Gadget Entry

Well, I spent about a week on The Magic Folder. I am planning on taking a break for a few weeks (maybe). The process for creating the first Gadget was just a little frustrating . The core issue is that the documentation for Gadgets is not quite what I would call "stellar." Additionally, The Magic Folder was a HUGE project – hundreds of lines of javascript and it touched nearly every aspect of the Gadget API. Good thing about that is that I have a good amount of experience from the endeavour and that should make future projects run smoother.
Anyway, I am looking for ideas for another gadget that might be needed. Do you have any?
Here are a couple that I have thought of:
  • Password Manager – gadget to help you keep track of website or other passwords. Problem here is that I would want to make this very secure and need to learn more about encryption and such and how to apply that to a gadget.
  • SharePoint Manager – gadget to keep track of all your SharePoint sites and might even take a little code from the Magic Folder in that it will copy files dragged to it to specific SharePoint sites Shared Documents folders. The issue here is that the current Gadget API does not support HTTP, so I would need to figure a way around that.

Let me kow what you would like to see in a gadget.

1 thought on “My Next Vista Gadget Entry”

  1. One gadget I would like to use is a good note taking utility.
    Something that would work better than the available one(s).
    Being able to resize them, search through the notes, timestamp them, etc.

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