End of a busy week, but…

it is just the start of another one…

I have several ideas for new gadgets and even have some folks that have contacted me to partner with them on making new ones. However, this past week has been very busy (teaching, training, studying for MCP exams smile_nerd, burning the midnight oil moon, etc). Next week is slightly less crazy, but I should definitely be back on track to release another gadget around the first or second week of July.

I also plan on doing a write-up of my overall experience with creating gadgets – so that maybe others with a desire to create one can jump in and be able to work around all the problems I had starting out. I have some thoughts in OneNote that I need to start to transfer into a document, so it is coming along…

3 thoughts on “End of a busy week, but…

  1.      when i try to move a file from cd/dvd driver, windows vista home premium doesn\’t allow me and gives me the eror message saying: "you need permission to perform this action" and virtually removes the file from cd/dvd but not actually. from what i understand, this happens because the cd/dvd is read-only which means the cd/dvd is non-rewritable and magic folder doesn\’t check whether the file to be moved is read-only or not and windows vista gives this message on its own.     i was wondering if it would be possible to handle this fact by adding something to magic folder and set it to not the move and just copy the file if it was from a cd/dvd drive. would it pe possible? or would it be too costy?     thanks for the gadget, i use and i enjoy it, sarp tortum

  2. This is an issue with the File System Object\’s Move() command. It is litterally trying to delete the file. It should be doing a check before it tries this, but it is not. Some may argue that is the way it is supposed to work, but I think it is a problem. Therefore, I have been trying to craft some type of workaround that is not going to require me to write two entirely different sections of code for handling this particular problem. I have setup some time over the weekend to look into this in more depth.

  3. I\’d be interested to hear about your experiences creating gadgets and any tips/tricks you might have.

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